In my coachings, I serve those who are willing to being served from a space of authenticity, integrity and pure love - for the highest good of all .


It is an honour to accompany and guide you. So much love to you!

Packages and sessions

Free clarity call

Are you unhappy with your job, your relationship, do you have issues with your kids or are you afraid of your future,  especially in the current situation? Are you looking for a way to change the situation?  In this free clarity call, I will help you recognise some of your issues and patterns and will show you how to shift them. This 30 minutes call is free and without any further obligations for you. You will get some tools to interrupt your patterns and will get a first impression about me and my methods as Love and Authenticity Practitioner.  


Our call will be via Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Zoom and is absolutely without any further obligations for you. My intention is to help you, in the highest good of all.

I look forward to a first virtual meeting with you!


With love.



Book your session by phone: +41 76 722 16 33

Book your session online:

Step into your Power

Do you feel that your life is controlled by your boss, your partner or external circumstances? That you have no power over what happens to you? Are you feeling exhausted, tired, exploited and sad, simply trapped in the hamster wheel of work, family and partnership?


In that case, it is high time to do something about it! In this 4-week course, you will learn to break the vicious circle, to finally regain control over your life and to become the creator of your life.


During these four weeks, you will get tools from me to step back into your own power and to take responsibility for your life again.


If you are willing and motivated to do your part, take some action and contact me. 


By phone: +41 76 722 16 33   

or via email:


All sessions are held via internet (skype, whatsapp or facebook messenger) or telephone.


Course price: Fr. 700.- / EUR 636.-/ USD 700.-

Find the love of your life - you                                          The 12-Weeks-Program

Are you tired of kissing frogs instead of princes all the time? Somehow, the knight in shining armour on the white horse seems to have passed your castle without stopping by. And actually, you are more than ready for the best relationship of your lifetime! The only thing you want is to find the love of your life...


Stop! If this applies to you, then it is high time to do something about it.


What if I told you that you could find your soul mate? But what if I told you that this comes at a certain cost?


What cost, you ask yourself. You have to be ready to become the greatest love of your life yourself! 

This is the only way to get out of the vicious circle in which you attract the wrong guy, feel misunderstood or unloved. 


Are you ready to become your own dream woman through my 12-week program, so that, in the future, you only attract princes and not frogs?


My program is tailored to your personal needs and includes one individual coaching session per week via video call as well as weekly homework, which you hand in to me by the end of each week. Before the next session, you will receive a short feedback from me. 


My intention is to bring you back on the path of true love for yourself, for the highest good of all.

The only thing I ask of you is that you are motivated to get involved and do your part in the program. Because the success of the program depends on your commitment. So please, reserve at least one extra hour for homework per week in addition to our call.


If your heart is screaming YES and you are ready to start, then sign up here quickly. 



Price: Fr. 3500.-/ EUR 3185.-/ USD 3500.-


I look forward to accompanying you on your way to your highest potential.

From my heart to your heart, with love.


A better relationship with your teenager in 6 weeks

Do you feel that you are losing touch with your teenager? Do you feel as though they are slipping through your fingers and the only thing you seem to be doing is shouting at them? Do you want to finally have a good relationship and reconnect with your child again


I had been a shouting mom for a very long time. I was really overwhelmed, having to juggle family, household and a stressful, even though exciting job, and feeling left all alone by my husband.


I was afraid I would lose connection to my children, so I decided that I needed to find a working solution. Today, I have a beautiful relationship with my children! And even though we sometimes argue, we very quickly regain our calm and we feel safe, heard and seen in our family. 


If you are looking for a harmonious, happy relationship for yourself and your family, as well, then this 6 weeks course is the perfect solution for you!

At the end of this course, your relationship with your teenager will have improved profoundly.


Subscribe to the course via this link.


Price: Fr. 1000.-/ EUR 900.-/ USD 1000.-


I am so honoured to be your guide! 

Sending you so much love!


Individual Coaching Session

You believe, you will never get out of the current crisis? The road ahead is blurred and unclear? Are you unhappy in your professional, private or married life because you seem to be repeating the same useless patterns and behaviours



If you want to recognize the unconscious behaviours that are blocking you and making your life worse, make an appointment for a coaching session with me.

I will help you see more clearly and change these subconscious programming to have a more conscious life.


Each coaching session is always tailored to you and your specific needs.

Together, we will look at how I can serve you in your current situation and we will find a way to shift the patterns that keep you stuck in a particular situation.


Price: Fr. 180.-/ Eur 170.-/ USD 180.-per session


Book your session by phone: +41 76 722 16 33

Book your session online:


Looking forward to serve you in the highest good of all.

From my heart to your heart, with love.

Terms and conditions


The price for one session is Fr. 180.-/EUR 170.-/USD 180.-; for a remote healing for humans  Fr. 120.-/ EUR 110.-/ USD 120.- or animals Fr. 100.-/EUR 90.-/USD 100.-

In general, advance payment or cash payment or via TWINT after a session applies.


Since every person is unique and has very individual needs, each session is different and tailored to the current needs of the client. Some issues can be completed within one session, others consist of several sessions. 

If you would like to know more, write to me or call me, I will be happy to give you detailed information.


For Swiss clients, if you have an alternative medicine supplement in your health insurance, please check with your health insurance company to see whether they cover part of the costs.
You will receive a receipt from me after the session to submit to your health insurance.

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