Selflove, Selfhealing by Love and Authenticity Practitioner (LAP Life Coach) aia nulu Monika Korba


In my coachings, I serve those who are willing to being served from a space of authenticity, integrity and pure love - for the highest good of all .


Welcome on my page!

I am so happy you have found your way to me, beautiful soul!

Let us embark on a journey together, a journey to greater well-being for you. Are you tired of feeling like a victim all the time? Do you have the feeling that your life is determined by others and you want to change that? And are you also ready to do your part to create a new life? In this case, this page is the place to be!


Together we will explore your current issues, whether they are in regards to family, job, partnership or health, and will shift the patterns and beliefs hidden behind them. 


My coaching sessions are mainly held via the Internet (Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom, Skype). So you can enjoy the comfort, the safe and secure environment of your own home.


If you want and/or need it, I will support the coaching additionally with a remote energy healing. Through this healing, I can give you some impulses to find out why you are having recurring back pain, shoulder problems or - from my own experience - a chronic disease.

About me

Who am I at all? My name is aia nulu Monika Korba. I am married and mother of two children. In November 2008, my world collapsed after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Confronted with a completely new reality about myself and my world, the disease pushed me on the path of personal development and growth. Because I realized that I alone am responsible for my life in all its facets. 


Today, I see the disease I was "suffering from" at that time as a blessing. It made me realise that I have an innate, heartfelt urge and passion to accompany others on their path to a better life, unfolding their true potential and self-empowerment. Always in service to each individual and for his or her highest good.



Often, we do not see the forest for the trees. Our hectic everyday life leaves us hardly any time to catch our breath. We get the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end street, where there is no way out of a particular situation. Besides, nowadays it is almost "normal" if your body pinches and twitches here and there. So we accept that. If it gets really bad, we go to the doctor and get medication prescribed.


But, what if there is another way? What if our pain is a warning signal from our body to better listen to yourself and your needs? And what if it is you, yes, you, who can interrupt this vicious pattern? And if that really is the case, then our aches and ailments all of a sudden appear in a completely different light. 


If you are ready to set out on this new path, I will be very happy and grateful to accompany you on your path to your own empowerment with my gifts.


So, how can I help YOU today?  

I look forward to getting in touch with you!


From my heart to yours,


aia nulu Monika

Wedding ceremonies - Wiccan, shamanic or in your personal style

I also offer shamanic or spiritual ceremonies such as:


- Handfasting (shamanic or wiccan wedding), according to your personal ideas and imagination

Welcoming ceremony for babies and toddlers (instead of a traditional baptism)

- Farewell ceremony (burial) for a loved one 


I prepare the ceremony in close cooperation with you and in accordance to your wishes and ideas. Whether you are planning a real wiccan wedding or just want a free wedding ceremony or baptism, I am open for (almost) everything. I see and hear you and your specific needs.